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Aug 2019

7 Signs That Your Interview Went Well.

By: Ivory Group

After an interview, you can usually breathe a huge sigh of relief. It’s over. For now. And no matter how much you over-analyse every “um”, “ah”, and the slightly silly answer you gave to question 2, you’ll never know how you truly went until you hear (or don’t hear) from the interviewer. Luckily, there are some tell-tale signs the interview went well.

Rather than torturing yourself over every minute detail, it may help to review the larger aspects of your interview that can give a good indication of how you went, in order to relieve any post-interview anxiety you’re feeling.

So, how do you know if an interview went well?


  1. Body language

There’s a lot we can’t actually say, but the hirer can say some pretty telling things without saying anything at all. Body language is one of the key signs your interview went well, if you pay attention. If your interviewer was really engaged in your conversation using body language, it may mean they’re seriously considering you for the role.

They may have displayed positive body language, such as leaning in towards you, pointing their feet towards you, smiling, maintaining eye contact and asking about your interests outside of work. This might mean they want you in their team and want you to leave with a positive experience.

  1. Meeting the team, and office tours

If your interviewer took you to meet the team, or brought them into your meeting room, this is usually a very positive sign your interview went well.

They may have taken you to meet other people in the office, taken you on an office or building tour, or even invited you to a team event. These are strong signs that you are the preferred Candidate.

  1. Key questions

If the company is thinking about next steps and asking you about your notice period, how soon you would be available to start, or if you would start early, they may be seriously considering hiring you.

They may also ask to be updated on your other interviews and how they are progressing, in case they need to move more quickly.


  1. Friendly chat

If the interviewer believes you are the right Candidate for the role, they may want to make a genuine effort to bond with you.

Take note if they ask about your family, hobbies or interests, and make an attempt to find some common ground.

On the other hand, if the interview feels rushed, and the interviewer attempts to cut your meeting short without asking personal questions, this could be a bad sign.

  1. Talking about a shared future

If your interviewer mentions any scenarios that include you or indicated that they’re seriously considering you in the role, this is a very positive sign.

For instance, when discussing the role, if they are continually saying “you would be doing x” or “when you start work” as opposed to more general terms such as; “this role entails x”, or “the successful Candidate will be doing x duties”, then this is a good sign your interview went well.

  1. Asking you to get in contact with any questions

If the interviewer openly indicates that you should contact them with any questions, shares their business card and welcomes phone calls, this is also a good sign.

An interviewer may be interviewing a large number of people, so it’s rare that they would welcome questions from everyone; there just wouldn’t be enough time!


  1. Following up quickly with next steps

If the interviewer or HR team follows up quickly with next steps, or emails you directly after the interview it can mean that they have an extremely efficient and thorough recruitment process, or it can indicate that they’re already considering you for the next stage of the process.

If you’re asked to bring work samples or do a task, this is a very positive sign your interview went well, and you have progressed to the next stage.

If the interviewer asks about your availability to attend a second interview or complete online assessments then you should expect to hear from them again, and should follow up.

Regardless of what happens, after your interview, send a follow-up email thanking your interviewer for the opportunity, and check if there is anything else they need.


If anything, their response may give you some answers instead of stressing about all the signs your interview went well!